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July 1st, 2008 11:20 am
Oxford, France, and House (bad pun alarm! ahem.)

I left for France at 4am, Oxford time, meaning I actually started packing up all my stuff at about 1am Oxford time, which was, of course, another act of brilliance on my part.

Normandy was awesome, hands down. I got to meet up with some of my Wash U friends - Colin and Jean Charles - and stay in this amazingly cute, 17th century house, with a really nice family, and got to not only see the pastoral beauty of Northern rural France, but also got a crash course on D-Day education and got to see a bunch of historical sites AND ride in a tractor and jump on hay bales and moo at cows and generally have lots of fun.

I am now home, having fallen far behind on my manuscript, and sore because I went running yesterday and failed to notice quite how hilly it was, meaning I am now mildly dead. However! I signed up for a session of S Factor classes, the first session of which is today, so I'm just gonna suck it up and go have fun.

I've also gotten absolutely obsessed with House. I've finally finished Season 1. Thoughts under the cut.

Normally, I hate it when new characters who will obviously cause lots of drama are coincidentally thrown onto the set. At the same time, I think Stacy/Stacey's really interesting, so I won't fault her coming, I guess. I'm absolutely obsessed with Greg House, though. He's just.....I can't get enough of him on the screen. He's a brilliant, cynical, bitter, damaged guy with ridiculous amounts of insight. Wilson is also, of course, awesome - his scene when he was packing up his office was just like, chest-stab. Foreman - eh, he's all right. I'm not particularly fond of him, but I don't particularly dislike him. Lisa Cuddy's also another minor-ish character that I find interesting, but am not totally obsessed with. Cameron - don't know what to think of her. I found myself from the beginning of the season being totally squicked at the idea of a House/Cameron romance, but by the end, I was really, really hoping for it - which is good, I guess. The creators of the show, and Hugh Laurie himself, did a great job in making me wring my little heart muscles out for House, and the slightest, sensitive moments he shows. When he melted for Stacy? I was like, squee/cry/woe/wow/yay/sad. Yeah.

Chase. Oh, mixed feelings about Chase. Sometimes, he'll have these great moments where I like him, and sometimes, he shows an unexpected side - like his slight dominating moment in the BDSM guy's case - which I just find really cool. Then there are moments when I really just want to slap him on the face - for example, selling out to Vogler (sp?) or when he was so judgmental about the obese child. I really wanted to slap him for that. So, in general, mixed feelings. I guess it depends on the episode?

I don't really know what I'm rooting for anymore. I want Cameron to find someone, I want Chase and House to come head to head because there's no way Chase is going to keep taking House's amusing little torture-bits face down, I want House to eventually heal - but of course, that won't happen in the next season, as there are still two more to go or so, and I want Wilson to like, divorce with his wife or something, because he seems quite unhappy with his marriage.

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one big blonde joke
July 1st, 2008 09:48 pm (UTC)

HA. OH man oh man. Welcome to the nuthouse Michan XD I am absolutely freaking obsessed with this show! And I will not say anything else, for fear of spoiling XD But please IM me if you wish to chatz!