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So I'm sort of on Weight Watchers Lite (aka, WW Online, in which I answer only to myself, and can decide to take a week off for some reason or other and not have to answer to others' disapproving stares, haha.) The great thing is you weigh in once a week, which broke me of my habit of weighing myself a few times every day, and if you lose between 1-2 lbs, it makes you feel super good. (If you lose more than 2, unless it's the first three weeks, it tells you you're dropping too fast.) The thing is, if you gain? The site's still uber-supportive, but I can't help feeling like a piece of bloated, fat crap.

So, to combat the second 1+ weight gain in two weeks, I went running =P I've been having my craptacularity of the month, which I blamed for part of the weight gain, but the second one? I had no clue!

Post-running, I'd dropped 1.8 lbs of water weight. WATER WEIGHT. I put that number in the weight tracker instead. Maybe I am just fooling myself, but if fooling myself means I feel better, go running for half an hour, am high off endorphins and eat a tasty, healthy cereal breakfast? Screw it, I'm deluding myself all the time!

On other notes, I'm not as screwed with work today, but I still should go to class soon, after cereal. Woops.
Marauders - Our Year

A House Update

I've started Season 4. Oh yeah, and I'm in Hong Kong, was in Malaysia, and can now dance all sexy-like while stark naked in my hotel room due to the blessings of being 41 stories high and facing lots and lots of water. It's awesome.

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Harry - Hee

Oxford, France, and House (bad pun alarm! ahem.)

I left for France at 4am, Oxford time, meaning I actually started packing up all my stuff at about 1am Oxford time, which was, of course, another act of brilliance on my part.

Normandy was awesome, hands down. I got to meet up with some of my Wash U friends - Colin and Jean Charles - and stay in this amazingly cute, 17th century house, with a really nice family, and got to not only see the pastoral beauty of Northern rural France, but also got a crash course on D-Day education and got to see a bunch of historical sites AND ride in a tractor and jump on hay bales and moo at cows and generally have lots of fun.

I am now home, having fallen far behind on my manuscript, and sore because I went running yesterday and failed to notice quite how hilly it was, meaning I am now mildly dead. However! I signed up for a session of S Factor classes, the first session of which is today, so I'm just gonna suck it up and go have fun.

I've also gotten absolutely obsessed with House. I've finally finished Season 1. Thoughts under the cut.

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Marauders - Our Year

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I hate slow internet. It makes loading city maps so frustrating.

On other notes, I now know how to get from our hostel to M_E's Sirius's Place on Sloane Street and Pont, as well as to Rabbit's Place in Belgravia.

Marauders - Our Year

(no subject)

I'm back from Cambridge. Why do they not make Wash U guys like they do here? Seriously! I have met far more UK people whose dopplegangers I wish existed in Wash U than I have Wash U people whose dopplegangers I wish existed in the UK (minus friends, but then, I don't want their dopplegangers, I just want them.)

Also, why am i obsessed with those people totally unlike myself? Like, for example, Dr. Chase on House M.D. I just started watching Season 1, and it is highly addictive. Which is bad, seeing as I desperately need to write.
Marauders - Our Year

To-Do List

+ Call Brittany Ferries and ask them why I have to be at the port 45 min ahead of time, and see if 1/2 an hour ahead of time is sufficient. (Namely, because if not, that destroys my precarious train schedule to get to the port on time, and makes me bum in an unknown train station for two hours, which = sketchtastic.)

+ Call Jane about dropping off my suitcases with her

+ Do Laundry for the three upcoming trips

+ Figure out if I'm going to Stonehenge for the Summer Solstice. Make necessary traveling adjustments if so.

+ Do homework?